2 Resources to Improve Your Working Skills During the Pandemic

December 17, 2020

Regardless of your expertise, learning new skills is an integral part to self-improvement. As many people country-wide are either struggling with unemployment or are coping with working from home, two online resources have become quite popular:  Google’s Digital Garage and Skillshare. In wake of the pandemic, professionals are using these resources to further develop and improve their working skills to get back into the workforce and to improve their ability to work remotely. 

The best part? Both are free and easy to use!

(Photo credit to Google)

Google’s Digital Garage has been a haven for the quarantined in 2020, offering a plethora of different courses that can help develop meaningful skills. Most popularly, Google offers a digital marketing fundamentals course that includes certification from Google, Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe, and The Open University, including guides on how to incorporate your certification into a resume. Universities worldwide have also pitched in, with various classes being offered from post-secondary institutions in Europe, Asia, and Oceania – all available on the platform.

A skill that is gaining traction in our new normal is the ability to effectively work remotely. Three quarters of the 3.4 million Canadians that began working from home in March are still working from home, and many expect to remain in this position for the foreseeable future. Google’s Digital Garage offers a full suite of resources regarding working from home ranging from tools and software best suited for remote work, to developing productivity when working remotely.

 (Photo credit to Skillshare)

The other resource you should be taking advantage of is Skillshare. Skillshare is similar to Google’s Digital Garage, yet offers an even wider array of courses and lessons to improve your skills. Instead of focusing on more digital specific topics like Google does, Skillshare allows professionals to enroll in courses which cover a smorgasbord of topics ranging anywhere from digital animation to interior design. Regardless of your expertise, Skillshare surely has a course that can help you to become better at whatever it is you do.

Whether you decide to try Digital Garage, Skillshare, or both, you’re guaranteed to emerge with a new and improved set of skills that will come in handy in both the current and post-virus world!

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