First Home Mortgage

Are you purchasing your first home? We’re excited for you, and want to assist you in making decisions that can have a massive effect on your real estate investment dreams.

Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project or purchasing an existing home, our dedicated Professional Mortgage team can help you:

  • Determine what you can afford
  • Review your down payment options
  • Understand all additional expenses associated with buying a home, like closing costs and other potential fees

Tips for first time home buyers:

  • There are a variety of down payment assistance options available to you, including using your existing RRSP through the Home Owners Plan, or using a Gift as a down payment.
  • If you are buying the home as your principal residence, the minimum down payment is as follows:
    • 5% up to $500K
    • 10% from $500K to $1 million
    • 20% for properties over $1 million
  • Terms are available from six months to ten years, with open or closed options.
  • Amortization periods are available up to 35 years.
  • There are no minimum or maximum mortgage amounts.

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